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Bacteria Breeding in your Carpet: Need Expert Carpet Cleaner in Mesa

The carpet in your home might still look nice and comfy, but how clean is it really? The answer typically depends on how long ago you last had an effective Mesa carpet cleaner service done. The longer you use your carpet, the dirtier it is. And without any deep cleaning of any sort, the carpet would be host to dangerous bacteria that could pose a danger to you and your family’s health


Also called Norwalk virus, this treacherous microorganism can cause all sorts of digestive problems like stomach flu. The worst part about it is that it can survive in the safety of your carpet for up to six weeks and they can travel airborne, so you don’t actually need to be in constant contact with your carpet to play host to the virus, and the illness it brings.


A Truly Clean Carpet Only Comes from a Pro Carpet Cleaner in Mesa

” While it may seem like a great idea to just scrub with soap and water, or use do-it-yourself carpet cleaning solutions, these methods also usually prove ineffective in removing these unsightly stains from the carpet. They may remove the stain superficially, but it still remains obvious where it once was. As far as hygiene, DIY cleaning barely reaches deep enough to eliminate the dirt and bacteria that has seeped into the carpet, and if it does, it’s usually at the cost of damaging the carpet.

These are the reasons, among many, why it is more convenient, efficient, and cost-effective to acquire the services of a professional carpet cleaner in Mesa. As further discussed in an article published on 1st Angel Arts Magazine last January 6, 2014.”