Noxious Pet Urine Dangers: The Need for Carpet Cleaning in Phoenix

Zoonotic Diseases

Don’t even believe that the diseases and bacteria festering in your pets are too insignificant or insubstantial to affect human anatomy. In fact, zoonotic diseases can be spread from your pets to you, and are just as harmful to you as they are to them. These diseases can also be spread via pet urine.

Vigilance is the key to enjoying your pets and keeping them, as well as you and your family safe from diseases. As with most things in the house that should be maintained, your carpet also should be scheduled for deep cleaning more frequently when there are pets in the household. Consult a Chandler carpet cleaning contractor like Sherman Family Chem-Dry to clean your carpet professionally, and to rid them of dirt, stain, odor, and harmful pathogens.


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